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Vulpin Adventure
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Game info
Vulpin Adventure

Vulpin Adventure

Players: 10016 plays

Date added: 2012-12-20

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Description: You are going to bring up and train a Vulpin to become an elite soldier so that your Vulpin can win powerful monsters. It isn’t difficult to look after the Vulpin. By keeping it in a good mood, you will take advantage of its power. There are some terms that you need to know: Explore, Shop, Customize, Abilities, Stats and Items. In Explore, you can discover many places on the world map and control the Vulpin to move left and right by putting the mouse near the right and left of the edges of the screen. In Shop, this is the place where you store and sell most of the items. In Customize, you can select the color and name for your Vulpin. In Abilities, you can get 6 abilities at the same time, but Abilities won’t be edited during a battle. Abilities have 6 elements that are Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light and Dark. Each element has its own strength and weaknesses. You can make use of these elements by following: Fire-> Air-> Water-> Fire again; Light – Dark. Besides 4 terms, you will see 6 icons. One of them is Items. You use it by dragging and dropping on Vulpin; in case you don’t want to use it anymore, you drag it from the inventory to another location on the ground. You should keep your Vulpin happy because its mood has an influence on fighting. Using healing items or Meditate will cheer it up.
Instructions: Players use the mouse to control this game.
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  • avatar
    wayne3000 (206) - 2014-05-21, 10:21
    its awesome

  • avatar
    Yesenia25 (893) - 2013-07-14, 09:54
    hi people

  • avatar
    sara123 (10708) - 2013-07-13, 06:00
    not my kind of geym eitha!

  • avatar
    pg11 (10013) - 2013-07-03, 15:56
    not my kind of game

  • avatar
    butter yo a (7262) - 2013-06-29, 16:54

  • avatar
    sara123 (10708) - 2013-05-27, 16:52
    does anybody like the name vulpin????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? jj flip just asking

  • avatar
    sara123 (10708) - 2013-05-27, 16:51
    my bday is coming up on june 3!!!! lol

  • avatar
    rockhound (63) - 2013-05-27, 15:10
    cute game

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